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27 September 2013 @ 02:14 am
So the introvert somehow managed to get herself into the career fair on main campus today.  Amazingly I only mangled one out of three social interactions (the other two were awkward but otherwise tolerable).

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22 June 2013 @ 02:09 am
This is me when conversation turns to the topic of guilds

I'm bad at dealing w/ people and as much as I'd like to raid....  I'd rather stay in my current guild that consists of me and a handful of inactive accounts.

I don't have to deal with..

  • Drama

  • Ass kissing

  • Politics

  • Egos

  • Auto Grats

  • Cliques

  • Can you run me...

  • You're a GIRL? OMG

  • Can you switch Specs?

  • Idiots

  • Idiot's kids

21 March 2013 @ 04:28 pm
The last English class required for my associates has been a bit odd.  Our text book is incredibly wordy and often so remote as to make connecting it to assignments - nearly impossible.  However, it finally seems that the point behind all this crap has been clarified.  It's all about Fandom.  Sorry, I mean *impersonates bad Welsh accent, puts on monocle* Discourse Communities.  But really, it's Fandom.  We've had weeks of dissecting and careful rewording of the definition for discourse communities, as if the concept is some truely new, and arcane construct that nobody understand...  and I still can't believe this is the purpose for this class.  Fandom.  Really?!  And my final is to write a persuasive essay, convincing people to join my discourse community.  Really?  Fandom. 

Well, alrighty - one final I don't have to worry about. Thank you LJ and later Tumblr, for exposing me to this concept.  Who says loafing on the internet teaches nothing?  Not this girl. lol
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12 March 2013 @ 05:03 pm
Tank DPS is a difficult metric to measure because some tanks care a lot about their DPS, and work to maximize it, while others are content to fill the more traditional tank role of worrying about survivability and boss control, and pay less attention to their DPS. Therefore, it’s challenging to analyze logs and determine whether you’re seeing the full potential of tank DPS or not. For now, we think warrior and DK tank DPS was a little low, so we took steps to adjust it. (Ghostcrawler)

So much BULLSHIT!  So frustrating... sooo very frustrating!  Pally tank here and I'm ashamed of my low dps.  I would love to get my dps up - I try to gear for it as much as I can.  I like to be useful and kill shit quickly.  The typical long slog with multiple mobs is boring as shit.  Our rotation is boring as shit.  Our long ass GCD is also boring as shit.  This isn't a simple matter of working to maximize dps because the damn devs already nerfed the one dps boosting stat that fits within Protadin priority:  Haste.

- For Protection, we do have plans to try and lower the value of haste relative to dodge and parry. We don't want to make haste terrible for paladins, but we agree that it's odd for it to be better than more traditional tank stats. It might require a nerf to Shield of the Righteous to do this, but our goal is not to nerf survivability overall. We just wanted to provide you some context if you see odd changes to tanking abilities.

 ....  Things that make me wanna go back to GW2.  /sigh
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01 January 2013 @ 10:14 pm
My account was deactivated just a few days ago.  It sucks but I haven't been playing in months and haven't had a job for even longer.  I shouldn't be wasting money on something I'm not using.  Upside:  I have Guild Wars 2 and I am using it.  I'm addicted to the dodge button and the acrobatic awesomeness of my Thief.   
04 November 2012 @ 01:00 am
When movie trailers claim "The Next Avatar." 
And your first thought is, "That's a compliment? The bending in that movie was ridiculous." 

Then half a second later your brain realizes that you referenced the wrong movie. 
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06 June 2012 @ 04:37 am
I will not be so completely broke.  Ah, it gets really depressing sometimes. 

So my Cisco exam went well but not well enough.  I passed my first year but missed the voucher by 3 points.  Yep. 
I told myself I'd consider taking the certification if I got it.  Maybe.  $180 is a fairly crindgeworthy chunk of change pass or fail. 
But without the voucher I sure as hell can't justify the $300 cost.  Unemployment doesn't cover much and the extra's I've gleaned off the last years worth of grant money is going to be sunk into paying for summer classes.  /sigh

Non traditional honor student seeks bone tossed her way, Cisco.  Its so sad I have to laugh. 
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03 June 2012 @ 08:47 pm
... you realize that one character you've been writing needs a whole lot more detail. 
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31 May 2012 @ 11:08 pm
So, I've been meaning to post this! 

I've had a major block on all writing for funsies for a few years (non fiction college essay?  I can bullshit one out no problem.  How I can do this and not be able to write fantasy confounds me).  I'm still rusty and my muse is a fickle little bastard but at least I'm writing again!  Seriously though, I've missed writing.

Blood and Flames

    “So you want the full truth… I imagine it was a cold and typically damp day in Fereldan.  Malcom Hawke, the father of the Champion, had taken his eldest daughter out into the forest to practice magic.”   
    Varric’s chair creaked as he leaned back and reminisced with a chuckled.  “Hawke once told me that Leandra wouldn’t let them practice anywhere near the house after she’d set Carver’s toys on fire. “  The woman standing across from Varric starred back at him, clearly not amused and so he continued on.   
    “Bethany was the family prodigy, everything Malcom taught, Bethany picked up with ease.  It was not the same for Pandora.  She was anything but gifted.  Her magic came in violent bursts, usually with the previously mentioned toys or other things catching fire.  Then days would pass where she showed no signs of magic. “Varric paused for a moment to study the seeker, attempting to read how she would respond to the rest of the story.    
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This is just the epilogue..  I haven't any schedule for it, just taking it easy and enjoying the process again. 
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22 May 2012 @ 01:23 pm
Ugh, really life?  Now?   ...  /facepalm

So a couple things
  • This month's variety of PMDD?  Flat out exhaustion.  As in the variety found on the Oregon Trail.  I have died of exhaustion ... and cramps.  And just possibly from whacking my head on the desk when I nodded off in class earlier (that was not embarrassing at all).  

  • It's the last couple of weeks of the quarter.  What does that mean?  Finals Hell.  What also released lately?  Oh, that would be Diablo.  I'm totally not trying to fit in play time in between feeling like death, classes and studying.  Nope.

At least I got in some gardening before the rain and death rolled in.  Our strawberry patch is doing awesome and the veggie bed is also coming along nicely!  :D

  • My automatic car has just recently decided to become a 4speed... what with the shifting between 1,2, D, and occasional slips into OSHIT Neutral just to get it home after class.  Was not fun, not fun at all.  

  • My gaming tower has been BSOD'in like a mofo.  So I popped my Hirens disc in there and let Memtest have at it.  Those shiny new Kingston HyperX (16gigs worth, I might add) I bought three months ago are currently failing all the tests.
I didn't think my icon choice was going to be quite so literal today.  I must've also missed all my saving throws. 
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