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22 May 2012 @ 01:23 pm
WTB Time Turner pst  
Ugh, really life?  Now?   ...  /facepalm

So a couple things
  • This month's variety of PMDD?  Flat out exhaustion.  As in the variety found on the Oregon Trail.  I have died of exhaustion ... and cramps.  And just possibly from whacking my head on the desk when I nodded off in class earlier (that was not embarrassing at all).  

  • It's the last couple of weeks of the quarter.  What does that mean?  Finals Hell.  What also released lately?  Oh, that would be Diablo.  I'm totally not trying to fit in play time in between feeling like death, classes and studying.  Nope.

At least I got in some gardening before the rain and death rolled in.  Our strawberry patch is doing awesome and the veggie bed is also coming along nicely!  :D

  • My automatic car has just recently decided to become a 4speed... what with the shifting between 1,2, D, and occasional slips into OSHIT Neutral just to get it home after class.  Was not fun, not fun at all.  

  • My gaming tower has been BSOD'in like a mofo.  So I popped my Hirens disc in there and let Memtest have at it.  Those shiny new Kingston HyperX (16gigs worth, I might add) I bought three months ago are currently failing all the tests.
I didn't think my icon choice was going to be quite so literal today.  I must've also missed all my saving throws. 
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