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31 May 2012 @ 11:08 pm
Fanfic! Of the Dragon Age variety.  
So, I've been meaning to post this! 

I've had a major block on all writing for funsies for a few years (non fiction college essay?  I can bullshit one out no problem.  How I can do this and not be able to write fantasy confounds me).  I'm still rusty and my muse is a fickle little bastard but at least I'm writing again!  Seriously though, I've missed writing.

Blood and Flames

    “So you want the full truth… I imagine it was a cold and typically damp day in Fereldan.  Malcom Hawke, the father of the Champion, had taken his eldest daughter out into the forest to practice magic.”   
    Varric’s chair creaked as he leaned back and reminisced with a chuckled.  “Hawke once told me that Leandra wouldn’t let them practice anywhere near the house after she’d set Carver’s toys on fire. “  The woman standing across from Varric starred back at him, clearly not amused and so he continued on.   
    “Bethany was the family prodigy, everything Malcom taught, Bethany picked up with ease.  It was not the same for Pandora.  She was anything but gifted.  Her magic came in violent bursts, usually with the previously mentioned toys or other things catching fire.  Then days would pass where she showed no signs of magic. “Varric paused for a moment to study the seeker, attempting to read how she would respond to the rest of the story.    

9:27 Dragon

    Malcolm bent down in front of his daughter holding a candle.  “Remember what I said, Dora.  Focus on the wick, imagine the fire sparking to life.”  He watched as his daughter tried in vain to call on her magic.  Malcolm briefly looked up when he thought he heard a sound of a heavy foot step in the forest behind his daughter.
    “That doesn’t work for me!”  The shrill sound of Pandora’s voice distracted him away from the forest.  Pandora was on the verge of tears and shaking with frustration.
    Malcolm reached down to lift her chin to face him.  “Dora,” he was clearly concerned.  “Is there another way that –“  
    Malcolm’s voice cut off abruptly.  Behind his daughter on the other side of the clearing a bereskarn had just stumbled out of the forest.  It took one sniff at the pair and then reared up and bellowed.  Pandora turned to gasp at the sound that came from the creature and froze in her spot at the sight of it.  A giant bear with horns sticking out of its body, small patches of fur mottled its body while the rest of his body was covered with fetid wounds.
    Time seemed to slow as the bereskarn came down from his hind legs and started to charge.  Malcolm quickly summoned fire and yelled for Pandora to move. However, his voice didn’t reach her in time.  The bereskarn charged, knocking Pandora to the ground and lunging for Malcolm.  His fireball impacted on the bereskarn’s shoulder but didn’t stop the charge.  
    The force of the charge knocked Pandora to the ground.  There was a bloody gash across the bridge of her nose and the blood from it had gotten into her eyes, blurring her vision.   The girl wiped at her eyes and screamed for her father.  Across the clearing she saw the blurred  bereskarn lunge for her father and with a great claw swipe at his chest.   Malcolm’s body was flung across the small clearing to land against a tree stump.  
    Rage quickly overpowered her fear and began to boil in Pandora.  She knew of a way to ignite her powers but also knew she lacked control.  She could light her father on fire along with the bereskarn.   The bereskarn took a step closer towards her father.  Drawing on all of her fears and anger she forced her will into one demand.  The blood on her hands turned back and she began to feel drained as she mentally flung her will at the bereskarn.  Pandora expected fire but it had refused her call.  In its place something far darker was forming at Pandora’s feet.  A great Shade sprang up from the shadows gathering before Pandora.  It spent little time before leaping onto the bereskarn and slamming it to the ground.  
    Pandora’s will began to slip and she nearly blacked out from the drain of the spell.  The Shade quickly killed the bereskarn.  Relief washed over Pandora - the fight was over.   However, the Shade didn’t disperse and instead turned to Malcolm’s unconscious body.  Pandora attempted to gather her will, to tell it to stop, but the drain was too much.  Her vision darkened as the Shade bent over her father’s body.  

    The seeker’s voice exploded in the small room, cutting off Varric from continuing.  “Despicable!  Blood mages are truly foul creatures to go so far as to kill her own father! “
    Varric sat up and tried to bite back a few of his choice words.  “She was young and terrified.  What would you have done if it was your father getting mauled by a bereskarn?  Slap its ass and tell it to behave?”  The Seeker glared while she paced.  Varric sat back and pinched the bridge of his nose.  This is going to take a while, he thought.  He cleared his throat and began again on the Champion’s story.  

    “As you know the Blight was unleashed on Fereldan… “

This is just the epilogue..  I haven't any schedule for it, just taking it easy and enjoying the process again. 
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