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06 June 2012 @ 04:37 am
One of these years...  
I will not be so completely broke.  Ah, it gets really depressing sometimes. 

So my Cisco exam went well but not well enough.  I passed my first year but missed the voucher by 3 points.  Yep. 
I told myself I'd consider taking the certification if I got it.  Maybe.  $180 is a fairly crindgeworthy chunk of change pass or fail. 
But without the voucher I sure as hell can't justify the $300 cost.  Unemployment doesn't cover much and the extra's I've gleaned off the last years worth of grant money is going to be sunk into paying for summer classes.  /sigh

Non traditional honor student seeks bone tossed her way, Cisco.  Its so sad I have to laugh. 
Mood: cynicalcynical