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One does not do well to live and forget to dream.

17 October 1982
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I've left my profile untouched for the better part of five-ish years. I suppose I should add a little to it.

I'm currently a student in the Cisco Academy at UC. One day I hope to have the CCNA credentials following my name (and eventually CCNP). I spend most of my days tinkering with computers, playing games or reading. I have this silly notion of becoming a Tolkien Scholar and tend to angle any paper I write for school towards some facet of Tolkien.

I haven't been involved with fandom in quite awhile, but I used to write drabbles and what not. I haven't drawn in ages either. Both of those talents are on the 'Need To Improve List.' Anywho, that is me and I'm kind of a big deal (at least in my own head). lol

The amazing super awesome layout is by fruitstyle. And thank goodness! lol Who knows how long it would've taken me to get around to coding a new one.
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Here's my Gtag:

Yup, that's me.  Shoot me an add, I don't bite. 

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User Number: 8812049
Date Created:05-11-16
Number of Posts: 42

Phiredrops is a deceptivly quiet being. Possesing a sarcasitic and often twisted wit that is only seen when among friends. Beware the random odd remark, soap box, and anime ramble.
Strengths: Night Owl's lack of sleep 'Sleep is for mortals.'
Immunity to legal levels of caffeine.
Weaknesses: -5 to will, when cute fuzzy creature comes into play.
-99 to temperament, when asked stoopid questions.
Will flee when snakes are spotted.
Special Skills: Epic level: UberGeek.
Prestiege classes: Bookwyrm, Otaku.
Weapons: +3 Mechanical Pencil of Doom.
Backup Pen of Lesser Doom.
Stick of Inspiration (in which to beat the muse with).

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